Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

Retirement? More like Revivement!


Retirement? More like Revivement!

It is not uncommon when you hit retirement that you’ll spend the first few years of freedom from work travelling, seeing grandkids and generally enjoying an unstructured life. The reality of a long retirement sets in. When you return to a new normality, that’s when the unknown begins.

Here’s some ways you can turn your retirement into a revivement!

Determine your purpose

This is what gets you out of bed in the morning. Having a purpose removes the notion that retirement is the end goal and enables you to start defining not only what you want to achieve and experience in retirement, but more importantly when you actually want to start doing it.

Concentrate on the transition from a focus on earnings to a focus on making a difference. You may choose to use your expertise to consult, volunteer, teach, coach a local team, join a ministry, run for parliament or become involved with a not-for-profit organisation. The idea is to find something with intrinsic rewards – something that a lot of retirees may not have achieved in their careers.

Health matters

Having an ideal retirement and good health go hand in hand, that’s why you’ll find plenty of retirees at the swimming pool, gym, on bike tracks or out hiking. Remember to keep your mind active and engaged, stay physically fit, eat healthy, stay connected to your friends and family and seek help if you ever feel isolated or alone.

Attitudes towards aging and expectations for retirement are constantly changing – staying active and being fit is less about adding years to one’s life and more about what it allows you to do with your retirement.

Build and maintain your relationships

Regardless of whether it’s your partner, your kids, your grandchildren, past colleagues or your neighbour, retirement is a time to build new relationships and take care of those that you treasure the most.

Start talking to those people most important to you early on in your retirement. Discuss who you are and what you want to do for the rest of your life. Work the transition to a life in retirement as a team. Healthy social connections, including friends with shared interests, are good for your health and critical to an ideal retirement.

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